Matchday: Morocco Goes tonight make everything right with the Moroccan supporter? (video)

Morocco to success where very long at your fingertips!

Yesterday were the first quarter-finals on the program for the African Cup. Burkina Faso proved to be strong for Tunisia and Cameroon won the fight after a nerve-racking extension in the penalty series (ed. 4-5, Miss Dolly's Mané) of the strong Senegal. The one who wins may tonight going up against Burkina Faso in the semifinal, Morocco or Egypt, we're going to see it tonight.

As the tournament progressed was a perceptible growth in the faith in success at both the players and the supporters. As many as 13 years, 't Moroccan team, but equally critical to look back, not baked on the African tournament. After the exploit that ex-coach Z and his team gave in 2004 is 't went down hill, this much to the anger of supporters. Characteristic is to see that at each tournament or match in this bad set the expectations were so low and that they are almost always not surpassed.

But now there seems to be a development going on, the team is in a flow when the self confidence only. Both teams put on paper Egypt jumps seem to be rather a review in eye when it comes to players with individual attacking qualities. Morocco will also have to arm themselves well against this evening. Just as the defense against Côte d'Ivoire to a lesser extent showed no errors will be tonight may afford.

What we can expect is two teams that plenty of for the win. Both countries have something to make up for it and Egypt or the most. The Pharaohs there were not even at the last three editions and that while they record champion van 't African tournament, no less than seven times.

If it were up to our head coach, who has managed to win back confidence among supporters, then he puts this adventure with the Lions of the Atlas as yet. According to the Frenchman Egypt is a formidable opponent but nothing is impossible having regard to what Morocco in the group stage has put down.

time: 20:00 (uk time)
Stadium: Port Gentil
Arbitration: Eric Arnaud (Gabonese)
tv: FOX Sports 2 (Dutch), beIN Sports 1HD (French), beIN Sports 1MAX HD (Arabic)

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