Demonstration at Schiphol entry ban against Trump

More than seventy activists have demonstrated against Sunday evening in front of the entrance of Schiphol the re-entry ban that president Donald Trump has set for inhabitants of seven Muslim countries.

The demonstrators had permission from the Mayor of Haarlemmermeer, where the airport belongs to, to demonstrate outside. When she went in the Hall, they were stopped by the military police and then sent out again. A person has been detained by military police for insulting. According to a spokesperson for the Marechaussee is the demonstration peacefully.

Airline KLM refused this weekend because of the travel ban to carry a number of passengers coming to the United States wanted. A spokeswoman for the KLM said Sunday that the company follow the instructions of the US authorities.

The demonstrators carried signs with lyrics like ' Trump psychopath ' and ' Stop Trump and Wilders '. According to the campaigners are there around the world some two hundred people stuck in airports, because they are not in the US.