Renard: "had more been sitting, am very proud of this team ' (video)

Renard stay or leave?

On the basis of clauses in his contract is Ra national coach off at 't Moroccan team. On his appointment got the Frenchman two conditions for the continuation of employment. One was the minimum performance on this Africa Cup: semifinals. If this would succeed him would also be scaled up his monthly salary of 65,000 euros (converted) to 80,000.

After the game the keuzeheer could still show a smile, as always, actually, conjure up. Proud of the team that has grown tremendously in this tournament. According to the trainer who already has two African Cup titles in his pocket, had much more in sat last night. Renard concludes his story in front of the cameras of beIN Sports with that he had this contest only too happy to want to win.

The big question now is what the Moroccan Football Federation is going to do and perhaps more importantly, where Renard's ambitions. As said is a contractual layoff possible, the next few days will determine which way the bond with the Moroccan team wants out.

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