' Man with Hat ' indicted in France

Terror suspect Mohamed Abrini's Monday in France officially indicted for involvement in the attacks of november 2015 in Paris.

Belgium supplied the ' man in the hat, ' for a day out to the French, reported the Federal Public Prosecutor Monday.

The 32-year-old Abrini was last year involved in the attack on the airport in Brussels. He is stuck in Belgium, but France wants him tried for membership of a terrorist organisation and the terrorist murders in the French capital. The investigating judge in Paris has made him no questions asked, according to Abrini's law.

The ' man in the hat, ' left the Brussels Airport last March without his explosives to blast, and was more than two weeks after the attacks picked up in Brussels.

A court in the Belgian capital ruled in August that France may try Abrini, but that he should stay in prison until his sentence in Belgium if he is convicted. How Abrini's prosecution in Belgium, is still unclear.

In the attacks in Brussels including the three suicide bombers 35 people. The attacks in Paris claimed 132 lives.

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