Official: ' Renard is and will remain national coach van 't Moroccan team '

Ball is by the Church, Renard is retained for the Moroccan national team!

Rumors of earlier in the day, Morocco will show where to 2018 assured of Africa-specialist Hervé Renard as its national coach. This made Federal President Faouzi Lekjaa just known to the Moroccan Radio MARS. The Frenchman will be contract with the Moroccan Football Federation so its full service life up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Furthermore, let the President know that Renard a few offers from other African countries now ignored.

Lekjaa has not commented on the possible conversation between Renard and passed the international Hakim Ziyech. It was known earlier that both would take each other in Amsterdam, this in the presence of Lekjaa itself.

In the Moroccan public opinion prevailed over the last few days also the conformity that Renard should continue, provided that he want to. In Morocco is the development of recent years, in which one coach after another, sat. By the stay of the man who in 13 years time Morocco once again to the quarter finals helped, there will be stability which the construction of a fixed team sat in the way.

Upcoming month, there will be the opportunity to exhibition games. Also here left over from Lekjaa across from Radio MARS, both Senegal and Nigeria have been contacted as a possible sparring partners for the Lions of the Atlas. These races will take place in the period between 20 and 28 March.

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