King Mohammed VI after African Union ambitious return on future

The King lists on what has been achieved so far and predicts many more beautiful things!

Morocco is back in the African Union and the King, who at one point also emotionally touched by this great step, seized the opportunity to look back at what beautiful Morocco in cooperation with the rest of Africa has already down.

The largest and most ambitious plan, what is already serious proportions, is the African-Atlantic gas pipeline that together with, among others, Nigeria will be realized. This pipeline will for the African continent and particularly for Morocco provide an independent sustainable energy supply. In many ways, both socially and economically, it will have a positive impact.

Another important development are the steps on ecological level. With the COP22-climate Congress, where important leaders from all over the globe were present, is the first step towards greater awareness when it comes to the environment. With the aid of various new farming methods and measures will Africa be better in self-sufficiency and thus contribute to the prosperity on the continent.

The King stressed that the return of Morocco in the African Union for even more beautiful steps will provide in the future.

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