Suicide attempt in Casablanca Morocco in Africa Cup after shutdown

When the limits of supportersschap be exceeded!

The Elimination of the Moroccan national football team in the African Cup has hit us all, but a man in Casablanca arose a very notable event. The shutdown cut there so bad in that a 29-year-old resident of the District of Moulay Rachid even wanted to make an end to his life. Known, according to local sources, that the man in question is from the third floor wanted to throw.

Even before emergency services arrived had been a big crowd gathered around the flat. The fire eventually managed to convince the man to his suicide attempt. The man was taken to the Hospital where it was later determined that he is suffering from mental deficiencies.

Those shortcomings were yesterday yet again extra confirmed when that same man with a sword hacked a mosque in Casablanca. In the chaos that followed all mosque visitors fled the property. The die-hard supporter Morocco is currently taken into custody.

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