Nasrdin Dchar does Martin Luther King-lecture

Actor Nasrdin Dchar provides this year's Martin Luther King-reading. He loves the nomination entitled a dream for everyone on april 4 in the Auditorium of the free University of Amsterdam, the organisation behind the reading Thursday.

The Martin Luther King Foundation-reading Dchar asked because he actively trying discrimination in the society. The actor organized previous year the mars Ieder1 tolerance and made representations about his experiences with the subject in Netherlands. Dchar spoke itself in 2011, when he won a golden calf for the film also explicitly against , a fear culture.

Rather, the speech by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, Professor Mary King and PvdA-leader Lodewijk Asscher. The aim of the lecture is the ideas of human rights activist Martin Luther King to disseminate and apply it to today's society. King was assassinated on april 4, 1968.

Dchar traveling the next few months by the country with his new solo show, Dad. In the personal and current presentation reflects Dchar about his paternity and the way this experience confronts him with his own roots. The actor wrote the performance together with Director Floris van Delft. Dad goes on 11 March in premiere and is to see across the country until the end of May.

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