5 years in prison for murder attempt after Facebookbericht

A 72-year-old man from Nieuwegein is Thursday due to attempted murder to five years ' imprisonment. That attempt he did after annoyance about the contents of a Facebookbericht.

The Court in Arnhem thinks that the man tried to are equally old ex-girlfriend with a knife to deprive of life. The Prosecutor had earlier demanded six years in prison.

A message from his ex on Facebook had driven the man to frenzy. After a sleepless night he drove armed with a knife to the home of his ex-partner, went directly into her bedroom and made stabbing motions to the woman, who was in bed.

Thanks to fierce defense ran the victim only light cuts on.

In addition to the attempted murder, the Court also found abuse and the intrusion into the home. The man has an instant contact and a location ban. Furthermore, he must pay his ex-partner compensation.