Increase in number of incidents at mosques in Netherlands

There has been an increase in the number of incidents at mosques and on local level additional preventative measures taken such as CCTV. That said National Security and counter-terrorism Coordinator, Dick Moved, Friday after consulting with six Muslim domes.

Reason for the slotted consultation was the attack on a mosque in the Canadian Quebec. The ministers also Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs) and Stef Blok (security and justice) were at the talk. Block said that there is "reason is to stay alert".

According to Shoved there were dozens of incidents at I places of worship over the past year. The perpetrators seem especially from right-wing corner. The threat, however, is not so large that from the national Government extra measures are required. "At the same time we have to be extra alertness asked local authorities and mosques and to additional security measures to take."

During the consultation the domes have been given a brochure with tips how the basic security around mosques can best be organized. That should take care of that people feel that they can go safely to the mosque, according to Shoved. There is no indication that Netherlands in attacks on mosques or other I settings are prepared.

Director Marianne Vorthoren of Foundation Platform Organisations Rijnmond spoke of a "proper consultation" over the "great concern" and "feelings of insecurity" that came with the places of worship life. "Events such as in Canada that extra upwards."

According to her report mosques incidents often either. "They want to further feed the fear not." She calls the brochure a good start, but believes that the measures now on the local level should be further elaborated. "It should be no paper reality."