Fez 340 million dirham invests in development projects

The City Council of Fez has unanimously agreed to the construction of a number of development projects with a total value of 340 million dirham.

At its meeting last Wednesday under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Fez, Idriss Azami Aaa, confirmed the City Council that this projects comes to the building of a large theatre for the city (estimated at 100 million dirham), a Congress Center (estimated at 100 million dirham), an Institute for the Arts (estimated at 60 million dirham), and a museum (estimated at 80 million dirham).The City Council also approved two cooperation agreements well aimed at the purchase of transport vehicles and surveillance cameras for the city, as well as the distribution of 100 cheap housing for needy families in the context of the national Programme "cities without slums".

development projects