Claims 24 months against Daesh-recruiter Tilburg

A 32-year-old Singer suspected of young asylum seekers wanting to recruit for the fight of Syria and Iraq has Friday in Daesh in higher job 24 months in jail (of which six conditionally) hear requirements against itself.

The man would in 2015 have tried three minor (Arab) asylum seekers from a residential group to move at Daesh in Tilburg. The Court sentenced him to 18 months in jail, including six conditional. He was acquitted in part because two of the three young people by language difficulties could not be established that the suspect tried to recruit them. The suspect called the three according to the ORDER on to connect and join Daesh together to leave for Syria or Iraq "to kill Americans".

The young people involved warned the setting for the recruitment activities of the suspect and Medes after further contact.

On appeal argued the Advocate General at the Court of Justice in the Bosch not only minors that the Singer wanted to recruit for the armed struggle, but also money laundering and benefit fraud would have committed.

He was arrested at Schiphol Airport in 2014, shortly before leaving for Yemen. He had almost 66,000 euro and four different passports, two identity cards and two driver's licenses. In his luggage were some expensive cameras, mobile phones, laptops and camouflage clothing. The found money is not according to the ORDER in relation to the legal income of the accused, who lived an assistance allowance since 2007. Therefore it goes to money laundering of dirty money.

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