DGSN examines options to use to prevent Moroccan version ' Flitsmeister '

Such applications are becoming increasingly popular in Morocco, this much to the chagrin of the DGSN.

Morocco's umbrella police organization DGSN is busy studying what steps one can take to 't use of applications that detect flashes. This reports the Moroccan medium Al Massae, on behalf of the Executive Board of DGSN. The Organization notes that the applications, mainly installed on smartphones, a growing popularity. This would not benefit road safety, thus the DGSN.

Now is examined what adjustments in the law are required to use these applications, similar to the Dutch Flitsmeister, at Bay. The arrows are, inter alia, aimed at stricter enforcement of the use of mobile phone while driving, something which of course already prohibited by law.

In addition to the fixed speed cameras, there are also opportunities for mobile Flash units to report, this hopes to go for DGSN.

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