Moroccan asylum-seeker sentenced to 13 cell for attempted manslaughter

A 46-year-old Moroccan asylum-seeker was today sentenced to 13 years in prison by a court in Vienna, Austria.

The Moroccan asylum-seeker was condemned by a Viennese Court to 13 years in prison for attempted manslaughter on a Syrian roommate (27 years) in a refugee centre in Simmering, today reports the Austrian press.

The case was in september 2016. The man had allegedly Syrian roommate stabbed, causing him serious injuries on ran and he always still suffer, reports Lefr360.

The man told the judges in his defense, that he had done this because a group of Syrians, including his victim, was planning to rape him. He added that he two days before the incident was raped by two other Syrians.

However, the judges are not convinced the allegations after they were subjected to medical expertise.

According to the Austrian press, the Moroccan man from Italy with false documents. He would have attacked his roommate in the asylum Center out of fear of being exposed as a Moroccan national, when he was presented as a Syrian.

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