Pollution and algae killing fish in river in Fez

The fish in the river Oued El Ibrahim in Fez die by pollution and algae. The Association of amateur fishermen pulled to sounding the alarm.

The river Oued El Ibrahim in Fez are having currently a true ecological catastrophe. The pollution is becoming more and more worrying and the number of algae increases drastically, which result in the death of freshwater fish, reported Al Ahdath Al Maghribia yesterday. So much so that the local Association of amateur fishermen on the alarm bell pulled out and the authorities warned.

Research shows that after the death of the fish is caused by an underground channel that water contaminated by motor oils. The presence of organic matter contribute to the growth of the algae and eventually suffocates the fish, Abderrahim El Khouit, an ecology expert, to Al-Ahdath.

The excessive presence of algae prevents sunlight reach the fish and prevents that they get enough oxygen. The ecology expert points out that the aggravation of this situation is a sign of an ecological disaster with multiple consequences.