9250 families in Casablanca live in houses that threaten to collapse

The City Council of Casablanca will spend a budget of 23 million dirham 9250 families homes that threaten to collapse to demolish and rebuild.

Recent statistics show that 9250 families in Casablanca in homes that threaten to collapse. Al-Ahdath Al-Maghribia, which this topic in the weekend edition reports, says that these homes are located in areas such as the old medina, the districts Derb Soltane and Hay Mohammadi or area of Mohammedia.

The Mayor of Casablanca, Abdelaziz El Omari, said in a recent media statement that one is determined to take legal action to the demolition of these houses. This operation will cost a total of 33 million dirham, of which 10 million last year has already been paid out. The newspaper reports that the City Council last Friday has decided to divide the budget of 23 million dirham, dirham 11 million will be spent during the remaining 12 million dirham in 2017 and 2018.