Memorial Service held for victims attack mosque Quebec in Rabat

In Rabat will tomorrow consider the bloody terrorist attack.

In front of the Canadian Embassy in Rabat will tomorrow be held a memorial service in honour of the victims of the bloody attack on the mosque in Quebec. It is expected that several hundred people will take part. The action is by a Moroccan Committee what struggles against Division and might be even more beautiful, by Canadian Embassy itself.

As is well known, claimed the attack, carried out by an anti-islam extremist, the lives of as many as six victims on. It went to Billy the Moroccan Soufiane, Khaled Ahmed from Algeria, the Tunisian Belkacemi and Abdelkrim Thabti and Mamadou and Glenda Ibrahima Barry Tanou, both from Guinea.

The Committee organizes the action Commission calls on interested parties to flowers, candles and banners.