Sofiane Baldwin once again disabled, only injury this time

It wants to but not rafts with Morocco's star player.

Southampton used to fish Moroccan-international Sofiane Baldwin last summer for a record transferbedrag inside. Never gave the Premier League club as much to a player: for more than 24.5 million euro went his transition in the books. With a great start to start the injuries behind the attacking midfielder to sit properly in the road. Baldwin had to rather miss the Africa Cup of Nations: weeks off. Last Saturday wasn't then again hit, the medical staff of Southampton has not made a final conclusive. This will be known in the next few days.

After Boufal's legitimate unsubscribe to the Africa Cup, the medical staff of Morocco put it tight. Baldwin was allowed as long as Morocco in the tournament did not act for his employer. This much to the chagrin of his trainer Puel that him in the EFL Cup game against Liverpool but too would have liked to. This injury is a huge stripe by the account of both Southampton as Balding.

In March, there are probably two beautiful exhibition games waiting at Morocco, there would already have been concrete contact with the football associations of Nigeria and Senegal. It is still questionable whether Balding than adequate fit to play.

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