Moroccan Ministry of health is going to fight against smoking

The Ministry of health, together with the Lalla Salma Foundation, a program developed to the first cigarette at high school students.

A percentage of 9.5% of school-age teenagers in Morocco between 13 and 15 years smoke. According to sources at the Ministry of health, the proportion of boys who smoke 11% against 7% for girls. And these rates will increase in the coming years, reports the newspaper Al Massae today.

According to the National Plan for the prevention and control of cancer are not less than 20% of the students affected by their environment.

Al Massae reports that the Ministry of health, in collaboration with the Lalla Salma Foundation, has developed a plan to combat the use of tobacco in schools. The program of the Ministry of health, entitled "schools without tobacco", focuses on fighting the first cigarette among high school students.

Morocco has one of the highest percentage of smokers in the region. Male smokers represent 32% of the Moroccans at a rate of 2.3% for women.

The newspaper stressed that tobacco use causes 6 million deaths a year worldwide, many of them are victims of passive smoking. Equally disturbing: nearly 8 million people are expected to die in 2030 as a result of tobacco. And are generally low income populations that most victims of the use of tobacco.

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