Daesh-bastion surrounded al-Bab

The Syrian Government army has the last supply route to the town of al-Bab Daesh's Monday close. The largest Daesh-stronghold in the province of Aleppo is now entirely surrounded.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that president Assad's troops with air support have made substantial progress to the South-East of al-Bab. the link road that had yet to soul mates Daesh fighters in the provinces Raqqa and Deir al-Zor is now under control.

On the north side of al-Bab Turkey supported by rebels, United in the free Syrian army (FSA), the service for some time, though there were last weekend heavy fighting in and around the village of Babin. Daesh committed two suicide attacks.

The reconquest of al-Bab on Daesh seems to be able to start. Damascus and Ankara have hurry, but it is important that their units the visor not on each other. The FSA-rebels want not only on Daesh but also of Assad, which in turn will brook no greater influence of Turkey in the North of Syria.