18 migrants successfully crossed the border crossing at Mellila after storming

After another storming of sub-Saharan migrants at a border crossing between Morocco and Spain, I managed to make the 18 migrants crossing this morning.

Of the approximately 100 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who early this morning stormed the border crossing at Melilla, some 40 migrants reached the fence and 18 of them I managed to get over the fence to climb to the Spanish side, said a statement from the local authorities.

A border keeper hit slightly injured to the abdomen, after being attacked with a hook that migrants use to the fence dotted with barbed wire and sharp blades to climb over, according to the statement.

Two migrants were transferred to the hospital, one for injuries to the face and "possible bone fractures in the face", and the other for minor injuries, added the statement.

Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa trying to storm the fences and routinely over it to climb in Sebta (Ceuta) and Melilla to the temporary reception centres (CETIS) of these cities to reach and to submit an application for asylum there.

The (formerly) last attempt at Melilla was October 13, 2016, when a hundred migrants managed to cross the fence. The last attempt in Sebta was on 1 January this year, with the storming of a thousand migrants was repulsed by the police.

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