Algeria refuses cooperation with Moroccan intelligence service

"Algeria refuses cooperation with Moroccan intelligence service ', according to Abdelhak El Khiyame, head of the Central Bureau of investigations (BCIJ).

In an interview with AlYaoum 24, El Khiyame said that "the Moroccan hand is always extended for cooperation between intelligence services, but Algeria does not want to work with it to the coordination of this". He added that Morocco has initiated discussions with Algeria about more cooperation between the two countries on many occasions, but Algeria has refused every time.

When questioned about the benefits for Morocco by providing other countries with intelligence, noted El Khiyame on "Morocco has nothing to lose in helping other countries to prevent potential terrorist attacks that could lead to the killing innocents ".

"The terrorist danger threatens the world, and all must offer a helping hand to fight it. We work together with all countries, including the countries that Morocco considers to be their enemy, "added El Khiyame. He continued "Morocco has important information from the intelligence services will depart to the United States of America, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain and a group of Arab and African countries".

Earlier this month, after the dismantling of a terrorist Daesh cell in the possession of arms in the city of El Jadida, El Khiyame said that the found weapons "are introduced through Algeria, Morocco but that the supply was coordinated from a Daesh establishment in Libya" .

El Khiyame declared in december 2016, that his Office had managed to thwart terrorist attacks 341 in the past 14 years. He noted that the BCIJ (and the specialized teams that among other agencies fell for the creation of BCIJ) has since 2002 as many as 167 cells dismantled, of which 46 are among Daesh. There were 2,963 suspected terrorists, one of whom already 277 in the criminal record, were arrested and referred to the courts.