Foreign passport Warrior may withdraw

It is possible to withdraw your Netherlands nationality without condemnation of people who fight abroad in a terrorist organization. The first room has agreed with the plan Tuesday, after the House of representatives last year had agreed.

The Bill is meant to ward off foreign fighters to return to Netherlands who may pose a threat. Until the last moment was not clear if the proposal would pick up.

A narrow majority of VVD, CDA, PVV, SGP and 50PLUS voted for. But among other things PvdA, Greenleft, D66 were against. The proposal applies to people who except the Dutch also has another nationality.

Stef Block of security and Justice Minister:,, We know that dozens of Dutch, often with dual nationality, have joined Daesh. We would of course prefer not checking back ''.

The Minister decides on the basis of information provided by the intelligence services, for example, or someone loses Netherlands nationality. Block announced the right always tests whether the Minister on good soils the nationality revoked.

The Senate voted Tuesday with two other terrorist measures. This will eliminate a person's passport or identity card automatically if the person has been given an exit ban. Also is it possible to make a reporting obligation, contact prohibition or area to impose ban to people who can be brought in connection with terrorism.

National Security and counter-terrorism coordinator Dick Moved speaks of,, important new measures to protect our national security ''.

On the measures is also strong criticism. According to Commissioner for human rights of the Council of Europe Niels Muiznieks smacks the possibility to withdraw the second passport to discrimination against Moroccan or Turkish fighters.

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