' Badr Hari wants criminal fast serving '

(32) the Amsterdam kickboxer Badr Hari wants his remaining prison sentence serving " " as soon as possible. That says his lawyer Bénédicte Ficq Tuesday in a response to the judgment of the Supreme Court, that the condemnation of the martial artist.

According to Ficq is her client to this "obviously" prepared and will be presented in a few weeks with justice or he can start fulfilling the remaining penalty time in prison. It estimates the open time on six to six and a half month.

The Supreme Court confirmed his conviction by the Court of Justice in its judgment Tuesday in Amsterdam in October 2015. That decision has Ficq no comment.

Badr Hari was due to a series of assaults and attempts to two years ' imprisonment, of which ten months probation. A part of it, he was already in custody.

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