Two Moroccan suspects affiliated with Daesh arrested in Spain

Agents of the Guardia Civil arrested today two Moroccan nationals in Badalona, near Barcelona, who are suspected of belonging to a group linked to the terrorist organisation Daesh, according to the Spanish Ministry of Home Affairs.

The two men, 25 and 27 years old, are accused of indoctrination and recruitment on behalf of Daesh. By their spread of Daesh ideology via the internet, the two suspects managed to convince some people to recruit and fully to food to travel to conflict areas to join the ranks of the terrorist organizations to Daesh close, declared the Spanish Ministry.

The members of this group had repeatedly on social networks demonstrated their willingness to join the ranks of Daesh in Syria.

In addition, reports the statement that the two persons, referred to as "members of a stable Daesh support group ', had contributed to the financing of the group through criminal activities, including drug trafficking.

"The two arrested persons had paid particular attention to the security aspect, they were in constant contact and shared content on the internet through a secure way. Their concern for security was obvious through the use of multiple phone lines, some of which probably are obtained through the use of false identities, "reported the same source.

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