Authorities arrest Casablanca ten supporters sport club due to violence and theft

A still unknown sport club there are 10 supporters arrested.

After a confrontation between two rival supporters groups in which violence was used (knives) and there was theft, are 10 arrests carried out by the local authorities of Casablanca. Of them there are 9 voorgeleidt, so is to read from a press release of the police organization DGSN. One of those arrested would be even minors, is known to be one of the 10 detainees still must be answered. Unclear is whether this is the minor defendant.

The two groups were to face each other in the neighbourhood Ben Msik. Both groups did not-not violence with knives, in addition were also different private and public property in the vicinity destroyed. Currently the case is still investigated, soon shall be published which offences the suspects charged.

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