Jon Draiss urges officials to speed up Al Hoceima to social development projects

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Jon Draiss has officials of Al Hoceima urged to the implementation of many social projects to speed up.

Draiss traveled yesterday to Al Hoceima to tensions between police and protesters trying to take away. This arose Sunday when protesters gathered to commemorate Earl, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The clash between the police and the protesters led according to the DGSN to 27 wounded members of the security service, and the protesters report that they were "abused" during the police intervention.

The commemoration of Earl was part of an ongoing series of demonstrations after the death of Mahato Fikri, a fishmonger from Al Hoceima 2016 under tragic circumstances at the end of October died while protesting against the seizure of his merchandise by the authorities.

During his meeting with the officials, urged Draiss to to find solutions to the fast execution of critical development projects in Al Hoceima, such as the Menarat Al-Mutawasat.

Draiss urged all citizens to ' disciplined ' and to comply with the law, with the emphasis on the responsibility of the authorities to "to protect public order and act in any action that obstructs traffic or damage brings to p ublieke properties ".

Draiss also did a job on the officials to open a dialogue with the citizens to find effective solutions and the development of the projects of the city.

The Directorate General of national security (DGSN) released Monday a statement in which they deny the use of rubber bullets and report that "none of the protesters was arrested".

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