Madrid to Tangiers in less than 1 hour: Hyper walking train reach semi-finals

A futuristic train project, which promises to link Madrid and Tangier in less than one hour, has reached the semifinal of a worldwide competition.

The Tangier-Madrid "Hyper loop" is being developed by a Spanish company that participates in the ' Hyper walking One Global Challenge '. The contest has so far 2600 entries retrieved from 35 teams from around the world.A State-of-the-loop is a "capsule" train in which the passengers half and which is able to bridge distances with the same speed as an aircraft, reports Moroccoworldnews.The joint research project to develop the hyper course was first launched by the South African engineer Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla.According to the organizers of the contest would be the State-of-the-loop traveling with a speed of 1200 kilometers per hour and the Strait of Gibraltar crossing through a tunnel under the sea floating.

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