Saudi Arabia comes up with new regulations for coming Hajj: online paying extra costs

Starting from the coming Hajj period will these new procedures.

In Morocco, there is much to do, the announced plans of the Saudi authorities. One would plenty of acts performed during the pilgrimage go. Am thinking of buying Zamzam-water or buying gifts for family and friends in country of origin. This cost would have to be met in advance online, starting at the next Hajj period. This was announced after a meeting in which both pilgrims as those responsible in the Ministry of Religion were present, reports the Moroccan Assabah medium.

Some time ago there was the fuss about a possible additional tax or more expensive visas for pilgrims coming from Morocco. Also the dissatisfaction expressed by now one has to rely on the Moroccan Ministry of religion, so that they can encourage the Saudi authorities to stop the new legislation. By this new rule many pilgrims would be discouraged from their holy pilgrimage.

Spokesman of the Moroccan Ministry of religion, Abdeslam Ballesteros, indicated that the ball at Saudi Arabia. There is sought to the authorities in the country, however, the very small chance that this for the next Hajj period all will come to pass.