Construction of the ' definitive ' Agadir holiday park Country course

Construction project of over 330 million dirham is not more!

Where previously was an agreement with the local authorities in Agadir has already completed his military service, shortly after the construction. The contractor who could realize the project should have after 10% of the work has been done to stop again. The property developers behind Agadir opposite the Akhbar Al Yaoum Moroccan medium country know very disappointed.

"Our goal is to invest in our beautiful country and also to for jobs. It was therefore a significant setback when we were told of the technical Commission that the construction had to be stopped immediately. We were already on about 10% of the total work, an amount of around 30 million dirham was already in the project. "

Agadir country would be with a multifunctional holiday park hotels, flat rentals, swimming pools, a cinema, a go-kart track and an aqua park. This tourist attraction will therefore no longer to get off the ground. The City Council of Agadir late in a press release to be surprised about the change of the parties that previously gave approval to the project. A member of the City Council, John Ouammou, lets find out that this decision is damage to the image of Morocco does.

Akhbar Al Yaoum is now known, reports, that there are going to be taken legal action by the project developer.