January auto sales in Morocco bodes well for rest of the year

One of the most growing sectors in the Moroccan economy last month also left good grades.

The auto sales in Morocco is booming in the previous calendar year, where the one of the best scoring sectors was also there last month to see a nice development. In January of this year no less than 13,700 cars went over the counter, of which there were 12,780 sold to private users. In comparison, the number of cars sold is increased by 21% t.o.v. January 2016.

Especially the French brands do well: Dacia and Renault for example. Both of them knew a growth of 61% and 27% respectively. In third place comes Volkswagen, at the German brand was a perceptible growth of 26%. Other brands such as Ford and Hyundai did 't something less well.

Vehicles and brands that are known to be used for business, think of the agriculture and other capital-intensive sectors, showed a growth of 31% t.o.v. the same month the calendar year.