Villa thief Tiflet caught by fingerprints

In a very clumsy way betrayed the offender himself.

The local authorities of Tiflet have recently a lingering case resolved. In short time, about a month and a half, was broken into in two villas. Apart from gold jewelry, a sum of money of more than 70,000 dirham captured. That amount, as it turns out in retrospect, the suspect there is already all the way through it hunted. Nocturnal trips in clubs and visiting prostitutes were part of the spending habits of the villa thief.

The Moroccan medium Assabah reported recently that the recherche barrel could get on this case by found fingerprints. After having consulted judicial files one could soon link the print to a old friend. The suspect was caught 14 times previously for similar offences.

The case will soon be treated by the Court, it is unclear whether the victims successfully claim damages or interest.