SNTL goes for 230 million dirham subsidized grain transport in Morocco

For one year long SNTL will take on this transport.

Subsidized grain and flour is consumed all over Morocco. Recently it was announced L'Économiste, the Moroccan media, reports that there is a contract with transport authority SNTL millions about this job. The ONICL which developed uses with the national supply and demand to grains and vegetables and fruit has reached an agreement with one of the larger transport providers in the country.

There would be a contract are signed for a period of one year with a total amount of around 230 million dirham. This would possibly be extended, however with a maximum term of three years. The choice is ultimately on SNTL cases since the decision on more logistical resources at its disposal to be able to cover a larger area.

This contract paves the way for better growth of the Moroccan transport sector. In particular through the participation of foreign companies, the possibilities for the Moroccan parties go with the years dwindle.