Three persons were arrested for drug trafficking in Tetouan

The police in Tetouan reported yesterday that three persons, including two minors of 15 and 17 years old, were arrested on suspicion of ties to a criminal network that specializes in trade in hard drugs.

A search led to the seizure of 300 capsules filled with heroin, cocaine 14 capsules, two large knives, a tear gas cylinder, a sum of money and a dangerous dog, said a statement from the police in Tetouan.

The main suspect in the case was the subject of as many as 9 national investigation recommended for the trade in heroin and cocaine.

The suspects in custody are taken in the context of the judicial investigation, conducted under the supervision of the Office of the competent public prosecutor's Office.

This operation is part of the efforts of the services of the DGSN in the fight against drug trafficking, particularly of hard drugs.

drug trafficking