VVD Member: no young men from Middle East

The borders must close for young men from the Middle East. That said VVD member of Parliament Ybeltje Bad Thursday against radio station BNR. According to her threatens Western Europe a kind of ' Eurabia '.

"It mixes for no meter," said Bad about the differences in culture and faith. Because of the enormous population growth there, young men from Africa and the Middle East here. That migration should just stop, she says. "We must protect our borders against." According to BNR does the warning of Bad think of PVV leader Geert Wilders, who agitates against the arrival of "Islamic testosterone bombs".

In particular, the Islamic faith is a violent faith, says the VVD politician. "I get here will undoubtedly thunder with it, but I don't care," said Badar, which is not on the VVD list for the upcoming elections.

VVD-Group Chairman Halbe Zijlstra will find the pronunciations of his colleague "a good explanation as to why they are no longer on the VVD list." The VVD is also concerned about the large migration flows, but the way she says this, explains why they are on the ballot is missing, said Zijlstra. Lack of political sense? "I find that a nice wording."

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