Morocco reaches highest FIFA Ranking since 2009:48th place global

For comparison the ranking of February 2016 was 80 and that of 48 this month!

The surprising success at the last African Cup has its impact on the FIFA Ranking of Morocco. The Lions v/d Atlas performed it for the first time in 13 years time the quarterfinals at the continental tournament. After 2009 was the national team no longer managed to the top 50 of the world rankings to intrude, after past month this did manage.

The Atlas Lions currently positioning themselves on the 48th place global (nine places increased after last month) and 10th in Africa. For comparison, last year we stood still on the 80th place, an increase of 32 places in one year. Partly due to the lesser success during the previous Africa Cups and missing out on world cups so pitiful Morocco scored badly on the ranking. For competitions on final tournaments and in qualifying series are the most points awarded and precisely during these contests Morocco performed poorly.

A high FIFA Ranking is positive for draws for qualifying series of tournaments. Countries with a High Ranking are put in one pot which they avoid each other.

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