Spotlight: Moroccan father does story about abuse son in Utrecht swimming pool

After months of correspondence there is still nothing done with the case.

As a parent it is horrible to have to learn that your young child is mistreated by another, especially if it's an adult. This happened to Mimoun from Utrecht, the Moroccan father does his story in front of about the incident what was going on over half a year ago but whose aftermath is still visible. His 8-year-old son suffers to this day what happened to him on that fateful summer day in swimming pool Fletiomare in Utrecht.

Follow the students of the Islamic weekly Al Hambra swimming lessons at primary school swimming pool Fletiomare. This happens under the supervision of two teachers from the school that watch the pupils under the guidance of the swimming teachers their classes. Both teachers, chose on the day because of the heat, the strength of the chlorine and Ramadan, sure to not be present during the entire lesson. They kept 't at laps they ran from time to time.

Ahmed had also suffers from the heat and could not keep up with the conditional. Because he was exhausted he decided to stop by the side. Something bad fell in the swimming teacher Jack v. This ordered Ahmed, who indicated repeatedly, not by being able to yet again the swimming pool. When Ahmed again refused his advantage the teacher using violence is not. After Ahmed in his stomach to have pummeled, which was completely unnecessary violence and Ahmed are physically could not possibly measure up to the man, the teacher went one step further.

Ahmed's father indicates that the teacher has caught his son at the knee and this has bumped against his chin. As a result, hit the Ahmed out of balance after which he twice with his head against the window arrived. This disproportionate violence turned out to be not yet enough for the swimming teacher, despite that Ahmed said almost begging not to be able to really screamed of pain and the cries, the man grabbed him by his waist and threw him in the pool.

His father struck at the end of the school day a physically and emotionally broken Ahmed. Immediately informed his classmates the father about what happened that day. Despite repeatedly contact with both the school board and also via via the Board of the swimming pool there are to date no appropriate measures taken against Jack v. Mimoun indicates the feeling that he continuously van 't pillar to post is sent. Also he tried to declare against the man and even the police gave the father either.

The family hopes through this post to get more attention for the cause, especially now that no one side's cooperation seems to be and Ahmed to date affected by what was done to him.

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