Minister of Home Affairs endorses high effectiveness Moroccan terrorism

Morocco is a leading national and international partner such as 't anti-terrorism, said the Minister.

The Moroccan Minister of the Interior, Cherki Drais, was recently at a meeting with parliamentarians in Rabat from on how Morocco is in the fight against terror. In a press release of his Department is to read that Morocco's approach to terrorism not only is based on the security issue. The strategy of domestic and foreign safety guarantee is also determined on the basis of economic, social, religious and cultural aspects.

Drais stresses the enormous energy of the Moroccan safety device by the high number of attacks foiled what is and terror cells that are rolled up. In fact, Morocco is according to become a leading partner in international terms as 't Drais to the fight against terror. Among other things, collaborates closely with European Union countries, countries from that region have had much to the experience of Morocco in this area.