343 families in Taounate benefit from ' Campaign against the cold '

Taounate is one of the many inhospitable areas in Morocco where 't quite freezing weather wreaked havoc.

Tamdit in the community, near Taounate, picking up to 343 families the fruits of a project which by cooperation of King Mohamed VI regional can be set up. In consultation with the Council of Meknes-Fes is a campaign started to residents of inhospitable areas of the region by these cold times. It goes mainly to villages and communities that hardly reachable through the normal roads.

The project is still in the first phase and will be rolled out to an even larger surrounding area. Commissioned by King Mohamed VI and the ministries of the Interior and Health, the gendarmerie, the army and the well known Mohamed V Fund be used to assist the residents. There will be food and beverages are distributed and tents, blankets and quilts to the people to assist somewhat in this winter weather conditions.

freezing weather