Two-thirds of the employees working without a contract in Morocco

Two-thirds of the workers does not have a contract that formalizes their relationship with their employer according to the High Commissioner for Planning (HCP)

Nearly two-thirds of the workers (3,093,000) do not have a formal contract with their employer, of which 716,000 working in the construction sector (89.7% of total employment in this sector), according to the High Commissioner for Planning (HCP).

According to a note of the HCP about key lessons about the quality of employment in 2016 is 96.6% of workers (10,282,000 people) not affiliated with any trade union or a professional organization, 99% 94% in urban areas and on the countryside.

At the national level also have 8,344,000 active workers (78.4%) no medical coverage, 3,507,000 in urban areas (64.6%) and 4,838,000 in the countryside (92, 8%), reports Lefr360.