Belgian Syria gets 28 years cell Warrior

In Belgium, for the first time, someone convicted of a terrorist murder in Syria. The Court in Antwerp, the 24-year-old Hakim e. from Vilvoorde 28 years imprisonment on Monday.

Five other Syriëgangers were acquitted. They would have played a role in a decapitation video, but this is insufficient evidence according to the judges. Justice had against all six thirty years demanded.

E. was the only suspect who was present in the process. The Court deems proved that the former Sharia4Belgium-Member beginning in 2013 through his head has shot someone and that Syria has tried to film.

The main evidence is a bugged phone conversation with his girlfriend about the execution of a sjiiet. Who was the victim is unknown. E. added a previously discarded confession revoked. He came back to Belgium in 2014, after he had suffered brain injury by a shell.

decapitation video