Moroccan-Spanish cooperation in the fight against trafficking in cultural goods

In cooperation with Morocco Spain and UNESCO, has launched a programme to combat illicit trafficking in cultural goods in the Kingdom.

This program consists of a project to train trainers in the fight against illegal trade in cultural objects, was established by the Moroccan Ministry of culture to which UNESCO and the Spanish Agency for international Development cooperation both financial and technical support.The project has made possible that "a national core of trainers was established, four regional information and awareness-raising workshops on the illicit traffic in cultural goods are held and a manual was developed for training on combating trafficking in cultural goods, "said an official statement.These activities are focused on institutions involved in the protection of cultural property in Morocco, including among other things the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Royal Marine, the Royal Gendarmerie and the customs.The program has "built up and strengthened the capacity of a professional basis to national and international legal measures and instruments to combat the illegal trade in cultural objects to put into practice". The core of this strategy will be presented on February 17, at a meeting with all interested parties, which will take place at the Royal Academy in Morocco.

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