' Syrian army used chlorine gas bombs in Aleppo '

In the last period of the battle of Aleppo, the Syrian army chemical weapons used in the parts of the city where the rebels were then. Helicopters threw chlorine gas bombs in these neighborhoods where also citizens resided.

That writes Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a report that Monday is revealed. There should be at least eight occasions between 17 november and 13 december bombs with chlorine gas are off. The Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) in the Hague did not want to comment on the report. The OPCW works with the United Nations.

According to Human Rights Watch at least nine civilians were killed in the attacks, including four children, and two hundred others injured. According to HRW the attacks provide a strong indication that the military in Damascus and Aleppo in the commanders knew of the use of chemicals.

The Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Koenders said the report shows that all human and humanitarian limits have been exceeded again. The Netherlands has taken the initiative to speed up the creation of UN-prove bank. "It's my bet with the UN in March to call international parties together in the Hague. This is the only way of punishment, now the cynicism and passivity about the war in Syria. "

In the evidence brings the UN data bank about the war in Syria. So far it is mainly non-governmental organizations that provide evidence about war crimes. The bank can be used, for example, when Syria would be established in the future Tribunal.

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