USA trains FAR in land-mine clearance

Al Massae today reports that there are exercises of the Moroccan, African and American armies in progress near Agadir, in the framework of AFRICOM.

Near Agadir, the US Army has installed a new field for field training and maneuvers with the U.S. Army and the African armies, said the head of the Royal Army (FAR).

This area contains a field of mines to American, sub-Saharan African and Moroccan soldiers to train, reports the newspaper. The training includes field exercises, the use of weapons, medical and veterinary support, peacekeeping operations, and other actions.

These operations are part of AFRICOM, the U.S. command in Africa, a unit with United forces under the US Department of Defense, and to manage the U.S. military operations and relations with the 53 African countries.

Morocco stood at the top of the five countries to Host AFRICOM, due to its geographical location close to the Sahel, the Sahara and other Maghreb countries.

After the refusal of Morocco, Senegal signed an agreement with the US to host the American army.