Documentary ' Mohammed VI: the dynamics of Morocco ' in the making (video)

Yesterday unveiled Youssef Britel the trailer for his new documentary titled " Mohammed VI: the dynamics of Morocco ".

Youssef Britel remains passionate about the history of Morocco. After his film "La Marche Verte" (The Green March), the young actor, Director and screenwriter back to the front of the stage with a documentary titled "Mohammed VI: the dynamics of Morocco".Produced by Othmane Benzakour, the documentary on the fifteen years of the reign of King Mohammed VI and is referred to as a "educational tool that allows us to bring our story to future generations, but also a challenge for the screenwriter to reconstruct the facts and a transcript to write ", said the Director.The trailer:[video = youtube; 1W8ftCJ-A24] v = 1W8ftCJ-A24 [/video]

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