German Allianz launches offensive on the Moroccan market

After the buy back Zurich Assurances Maroc a few months ago, the German giant hard at work.

The Moroccan market is of strategic importance to the German insurer Allianz. To strengthen its position gets the insurance company a new Visual identity, a new layout of the head office and, above all, a review of the products and services of Zurich Assurances Maroc according to Allianz's standards. The newspaper L'Economiste explains that, having regard to the African ambitions, Allianz a position needed on the Moroccan market.

Top management stresses that this acquisition in Morocco is an important step in the strategy of expansion of the German group in Africa. According to Allianz L'Economiste is now operational in Morocco since a few days and they discreetly distribute their listings. They have the licenses of Zurich Insurance already operational, given that the regulatory authority has confirmed the acquisition of the Swiss insurer. L'Economiste also says that Allianz all personnel to recruiting is to expand.