UNICEF and CNDH join forces for improving conditions children Morocco

Both organizations go a two-year cooperation, by means of projects it is hoped to improve kindsituaties.

Unicef recently went for the duration of two years a partnership with Morocco's human rights organisation CNDH. The Presidents of both organizations agreed to two years long to join forces in order to improve the living conditions of children in Morocco sustainable. These would be after the end of the project more according to international standards.

For example, a project will be set up in which children who have been victims of abuse or ill-treatment, be accompanies by experts and experts. This task will be taken up by the child protection, they are, of course, been charged with this task, however, will there now be given more extensive and longer-lasting relief. Also one will in consultation with various organizations in Morocco to find a solution for the future for child abuse and abuse.

In the press release in which also the announcement for this large-scale project, showed Khalid Hanefioui of human rights organisation CNDH know that there will soon be two large meetings with Unicef on the program. These two consultation sessions will take place in Rabat, with their children than parents can contact employees of both Unicef as the CNDH. The intention is that similar meetings be held each month over the next two years on different places in the country.

The higher goal is to over 80 contacts by the end of 2018 to have trained that finally these tasks itself. It is hoped that in 2021 there 400 of this kind of specialists in Morocco.

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