Port Jorf Lasfar billions in the making, is part of port target 2030

A port to the domestic and overseas to strengthen State economy on the schedule.

The Moroccan Aujourd'hui Le Maroc came recently with an article in which was release on the building of one of Morocco's new ports, Port Jorf Lasfar. The media message that the work about 7 billion dirham amounts now in the preparatory phase. One is now working with the architectural phase, the total construction would be about five years.

The construction of this port is part of an even bigger endeavor. In 2030 wants the Ministry of transport and logistics several ports there have realized, this to the Moroccan economy and, at the same time, the competition with other countries in the Mediterranean Sea.

Opposite Aujourd'hui Le Maroc let the Department know that the Port will be used to a large extent Jorf Lasfar to the region there, Abda-Doukkala, with gas and other sources of energy. With this port one hopes the energy objectives which should be more and more gas used as fuel for in the industry.