Moroccan Ministry of energy warns of dangers misuse gas cylinder

The gas cylinder in the street scene known in Morocco where you literally can burn your hands.

The gas cylinder is used massively in Morocco there is not one without risks. This realization seems more and more to penetrate the authorities in Morocco. That is why the Department of energy and Home Affairs recently pointed out to the citizens by means of a press release on the risks that the gas cylinders.

The conclusion in the explanation is that both consumption and transport there should be handled with great caution with the bottles. Also distributors and retailers already can take away many of the dangers by for the sale to check the seals and at transport make sure that the bottles be damaged as little as possible.

In the past, incorrect or careless use led to many fatalities, last week there were 2 fatalities after a gas explosion on a market. With this post hopes the Ministry somewhat have the awareness of the citizen.