Room wants to limit to parental contribution

The second Room wants there a limit for the voluntary contribution of schools to parents ask.

PvdA and SP Tuesday got the support of a Room majority for that plan, to ensure that less well-off parents take their children to the school of their choice.

Responsible Secretary Sander Dekker (education) feels nothing for skirting of the parental contribution. He points out that which remains voluntary and parents so also can refuse.

According to Joyce Hearthy Villaruel and PvdA'er her SP-colleague Jasper van Dijk took the dichotomy between rich and poor schools because the parental contribution was ever higher. By high parental contribution to questions would also deter families less wealthy schools. "Schools must be in the Hague argue for more financing instead of the account with parents," according to Van Dijk.

"No child is allowed on the sidelines because his or her parents cannot pay the voluntary contribution. Children with different backgrounds against each other come thereby no longer at school. In the Netherlands we must do together, segregation in education fits in there. The rules should be fair and clear: no child should be left out, "said Angelique Vinkestijn.

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